Stay Motivated and Reach Your Reading Goals with Bookly, the Book Tracker App

Bookly is the perfect app for tracking your reading progress, reaching your goals, and maintaining an organized catalog of all your read books! It can help you with personalized stats during reading sessions in real-time, keeping you motivated and helping improve your reading habits.

Bookly has tons of cool features fit for everyone, from novice bookworms to diligent academics, helping you set a reading routine that helps you crush all your reading goals. Here’s how Bookly gets you into the habit of reading more:

Track Your Reading Time: 

Just start the timer when you want to read – Bookly will take care of the rest. Not only will you track your reading speed, but you’ll also know exactly how long a book will take to finish.

And the best part is that you’ll get a personalized report with your reading stats, so you can see how you’re improving in real-time.

Keep Your Reading Focus: 

Forget about reading slumps or mid-year freakout tags! 

By having a clear idea of real-time progress, you can improve your reading skills and further build your reading habit. 

Each time you manage to complete a reading goal, you’ll be able to unlock badges, achievements, and other goodies in the app.

More than a Book Tracker:

Bookly is the little book tracking app with a lot to do: it can organize your bookshelf, take notes, create reports, and help you save quotes, all while reaching your goals and participating in our regular reading challenges – the Bookly Readathons!

the bookly book tracking app stats screen

Must Have Features For Your Book Tracker

Read more books than ever before!


Book Library App

Easily track and organise all your books. Quickly add them by scanning or searching for them online.


Book Notes App

Save your favourite quote or digitally annotate your books. Speak out loud, snap a pic or type it out!


Reading Stats App

Generate insightful reading stats. See your progress all at once and improve your reading routine.


Book Log

Track your books in real-time and build your personalised reading routine. Let Bookly do the rest!


Set Reading Goals

Set up daily, monthly, or yearly reading goals. Keep yourself motivated and improve your average reading speed.


Reading Milestones

Keep things interesting and fun. Unlock achievements every time you read!

Get back into reading with Bookly today!