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Bookly is a gorgeous app that helps you track your books, read more and improve your reading over time. You can scan your books or simply search for them online to add them to the app, from there you can track to whom you lend them, add favourite quotes and thoughts, and see insightful data that can help you improve or read even more.

Reading can be done in real time as a daily workout, just start a new reading session and we will take care of the rest.

To keep your focus you can add goals or just simply try to unlock all achievements.

Tons of awesome features!

All to help you read more and improve!


Track your books

Easily track and organise all your books. Quickly add them by scanning or searching for them online.


Thoughts & Quotes

Thoughts and quotes can be easily added for each book. You can add both text and image quotes.


Reading statistics

Gather reading stats that will show your progress and help you understand how you evolve over time.


Real time tracking

You can track your reading in real time as a daily workout. Just start a new reading session and we’ll do the rest.



You can set up monthly and yearly goals, both help you keep your focus and make a habit out of reading.



Bookly has tons of achievements that you can unlock to keep things interesting and fun.


Finish a book, generate an awesome infographic, share it with your friends!

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